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NORTH HAVEN, Conn -- Reilly Telecom Inc. is proud to announce its most recent achievement as a Cisco Select Certified Partner, which recognizes and rewards the newly obtained SMB Specialization. The achievement of the SMB Specialization is focused around small and medium-sized businesses (up to 250 users per single location) and demonstrates Reilly Telecom's technology and business expertise specific to the SMB market. Stephanie Henner, Channel Development Manager of Cisco Systems states, "The Select Certification and SMB Specializations are designed for partners focusing on Cisco's SMB product portfolio including Cisco's SMB voice, security, and wireless platforms. Reilly Telecom's strong reputation in the SMB space along with Cisco's SMB product portfolio should deliver advanced applications to SMB market that's traditionally only been available to the larger enterprise customer."
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The Cisco Select Certification is an official acknowledgement of expertise, differentiating Reilly Telecom as a certified Cisco partner. The Cisco Select Certification strengthens the partner relationship with Cisco, enabling MAS to participate in the Channel Partner Program. The Cisco Select Certification provides Reilly Telecom with an increased level of support from Cisco, including access to best-in-class products and services, technical support, productivity tools, online training, and resources.

As a Cisco Select Certified Partner, Reilly Telecom can deliver several added benefits to its customers. Customer benefits include value-added services, technical expertise, and improved customer satisfaction.

Value: Reilly Telecom can better fulfill customer needs through an emphasis on delivering value-added services for the SMB market.

Proven technical expertise: Reilly Telecom has sales and technical expertise in switching, routing, security, and wireless solutions for SMB customers. MAS can deliver the new solutions demanded in today's SMB market.

Focus on customer satisfaction: As a Select Certified Partner, MAS has access to the same online customer satisfaction tools Cisco uses to evaluate its own performance. MAS can use this resource to identify strengths and develop targeted plans to better serve its customers.